RE: another persons wish list!

html 4.01 forms the foundation for much of xhtml and the docs
i have seen for xhtml1.1 and xhtml-basic all point back to html4.01
for specifics... is there an xhtml doc that is complete within itself
please point me to it if so else i look on getting the specific functionality
correct.  most of what i see so far is tightening of rules and dropping
 redundant or obsolete ways of doing things...   but i sure would like to
see the basic functionality there .... and once again if you can point me
at xhtml recommendation that stand alone (without referring back to html 4)
please point me that way and i will use in my bug tracking...
as a reference point for some of the things i am tracking look at and

On 23 Jul 2001, at 9:22, Murrell, Thomas wrote:

> John,
> I generally just lurk on this list as I've been following the development of
> Amaya in the hope that eventually it will be a useful tool for our operation.
> It's getting there, but it's not ready for me to recommend it as a replacement
> for the editor tools we currently use.
> I'm interested in your comment in your "wish list" below about a need to
> complete the HTML 4.01 Recommendation. Given that both Amaya and W3C are
> geared toward XHTML in all its evolving forms, why do we need further work
> on HTML 4.01? Hasn't it been superseded by XHTML and shouldn't work on Amaya be
> focused solely on implementing the various XHTML Recommendations rather than
> going back to a now superseded standard?
> Regards,
> Tom Murrell
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> > From: 	John Russell[]
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> > Subject: 	another persons wish list!
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> > I guess it may be priority setting time for next version of Amaya!
> > 
> > My personal wish list is for: 
> > 1] Completion of the CSS 1  recommendation
> > 2] Completion of the html 4.01 recommendation
> > 3] More mathml character entities... dont know whether 
> >     this is a STIX problem or a Unicode one but quite a few
> >     basic entities are missing.  Mind you everyone is in catchup
> >     mode with new recommendation. 
> > John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
> >
> > 
> > Be sure to check your HTML markup code
> > tags by using or
> >
> > 

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

Be sure to check your HTML markup code
tags by using or

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