Re: head elements and comments

> John Russell wrote:
> > 
> > if after a comment element in a head element there is
> > a link, meta, or another comment element. the latter
> > element is shifted to the body when saved...  this can
> > cause a previous valid document to become invalid!
> > 
> > tested using version 5.1 binary on win 98 ---- from
> > Christians comments this appears as a new bug
> > not existing in previous version.  I had not used
> > comments previously so cant verify if bug is old
> > but it sure is there !!
> The comments John are referring to are in a posting to the list which
> was bounced back to me yesterday. I enclose it here together with a an
> attached zip archive containing the html file in question saved with
> Amaya4.3.2 and 5.1 resp.
> > I encounter a somewhat alarming behaviour with Amamy 5.1 when I load
> > the file
> >
> > and save it. If you compare this file (saved with Amaya 4.3.2) with the
> > attached version (saved with 5.1) you'll notice that the two last lines
> > of the <head> section (a <link> and a comment) are moved to the start of
> > the <body> section with very unconvenient consequences:-(
> Bye
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> Christian Mondrup, Computer Programmer

Thanks for your precise report.

There was effectively a bug with the treament of whitespace characters after a 
comment (in some specific cases).
This bug is now fixed in the CVS version (we don't have planned the next 
release yet).


Laurent Carcone

Received on Monday, 16 July 2001 12:49:36 UTC