RE: Nothing Displayed for Amaya 5.0 on NT

> From:	Jose Kahan []
> Does the following directory exists on your stations:
> 	c:\temp
> and can the Amaya application write to it?
	[DJW:]  It does exist and does have Amaya and
	thot71 sub-directories, but the driver is out of
	space, so Amaya can't write to it! (It's VFAT, so
	there is no access control.)  There's just over 
	half a MB of content, all Amaya/Thot, except for one
	21kB file.

	Clearing it out causes Amaya to start displaying the home
	page, but TMPDIR=d:\temp, in the thot.rc file, doesn't seem
	to prevent cached entries being put in c:\temp\amaya.

> Could you also tell me in which path Amaya is installed?
	d:\program files\amaya\

Received on Thursday, 12 July 2001 06:43:35 UTC