Re: Nothing Displayed for Amaya 5.0 on NT

On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 12:18:14PM +0100, Dave J Woolley wrote:
> The only unusual thing I can think of is that the boot drive 
> and NT system drive are different.

Amaya writes its temporary files in a directory called c:\temp (maybe it's
in capital letters). Maybe this is what's causing you the problems.
Try the following:

- select a directory where you want to store those temporary files
  (let's say d:\temp)
- search the file thot.rc, which is the file where we store user preferences.
- edit the file and add the following line.
- save the file and launch Amaya.

If you don't find the file thot.rc or if your Amaya will be used by people
having other accounts on your box, then edit the file win-thot.rc so that
this choice will be the default one for all users.

Hope this helps,


Received on Monday, 9 July 2001 07:28:28 UTC