RE: bug in amaya ?

> From:	Frédéric Besnard []
> I'm testing amaya 5.0 with windows 98.
> consider the file:
> <html><body ><dir>  one  <p><a href="#A">two</a></p></dir></body></html>
	Whilst Amaya shouldn't crash in the way that you describe, 
	this HTML is badly broken.  DIR is deprecated, but even when
	used, its content model:

 <!ELEMENT (DIR|MENU) - - (LI)+ -(%block;) -- directory list, menu list -->
does not allow text immediately after the start tag - only 
LI elements are allowed - and doesn't allow P anywhere within the
content - all block level elements are forbidden.  I'll assume the lack
of the mandatory TITLE element was the result of simplifying for this

Note the start tag on LI elements in required.

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