spell checking and ­

­ is supposed to be invisible to spellcheckers
that is side­kick  should be equivalent to sidekick.
This 'invisibility' is necessary to allow 'picky' authors
(read grads of literature courses) to correctly hyphenate
their work  without having to modify their dictionaries ad nosium.

Amaya will bypass sidekick as 'in the dictionary'  but
 side­kick  raises alarms and suggestions, one of which is 
   sidkick.   One could gradually extend their personal dictionary
but a better solution is to have the algorithm remove ­ and its
 bytecode equivalent prior to testing against the dictionary.

Only someone as anal as myself would spot this i am sure but
it does lead to a nice bit of programming to repair!   no priority
on it but it would be something for a friday afternoon when there
is no mood to dig into something critical !!  or just before Bastille Day,
when the swim suits are packed, the map marked for the best route
out of town, and the last pot of coffee brewing in the office.....
---  a small toy algorithm to cover this and perhaps other variations
on theme such as  's or solid hyphens .....  ta 
John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

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Received on Thursday, 5 July 2001 18:48:17 UTC