Re: Amaya 5.0 HTML/css validation problem

The suppression of bullets did not happen in last version but
no error was flagged.  It should not be an error but maybe they
are now issuing warnings on unimplemented functions such as
a few that are outside the css1 core.  But this is not outside core
just unimplemented. 

On 4 Jul 2001, at 19:36, Christian Mondrup wrote:

> After having upgraded to Amaya 5.0 I experience problems with the
> validation of a HTML file
> Amaya reports
> an error:
> *** Errors/warnings in /home/reccmo/Musik2/GMD/ick-style.css  line 8: 
> CSS value ignored: none
> This line is found in a css style sheet 
> referenced by the HTML file.
> If I ignore the error and continue with externally editing and reloading
> the file the indentation gets in a hopeless mess:-(
> I don't get the error message with the previous Amaya release, and tidy
> doesn't complain either when I let it parse the file in question.
> Bye
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John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

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tags by using

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