RE: Character Styles Don't Work

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> Nothing, although I achieve the same thing with the files default. 
> Also, experience has taught me that I have more control when I avoid
> the preformatted styles.
	H1 is *NOT* a style.  It represents a part of
	the document structure (you've generally misused
	"style").  It does not produce the same result
	in Amaya:  try using Views | Show Table of Contents 
	with correct markup and with your presentational 
	markup.  (Use the HTML specification reference below for
	an example of correct markup.)

	Incidentally, although Amaya 4.2.1 for NT produces the
	typical GUI browser rendering of STRONG and EM (bold and
	italic), there is no requirement that a browser should. To
	ensure this specific rendering, you need to use style sheets
	on a visual browser that is physically capable of producing
	the effects in question.

	Especially given that Amaya is a test bed for style sheets,
	the correct way of exercising control (although it should not
	really be necessary for a technical document like this) is
	to use style sheets.

> > Also, I believe that browsers are within their rights to
> > collapse out <p><br></p>.
> Does your browser collapse the output at the intended syntax?
	[DJW:]  Yes.   Lynx 2.8.1rel.1 (1998) ignores the <p><br></p>
	sequences and leaves a single blank line between each 
	non-trivial paragraph.

	From section 3.1 of the HTML 4.01 specification

We discourage authors from using empty P elements. User agents should ignore
	empty P elements. 
	(Putting <br> or &nbsp; in empty paragraphs are basically hacks
	to try to stop tbe browser realising they are empty. <br> is 
	itself collapsible.)

	On the original issue, my copy of Amaya renders the page in the
	way I would expect a big 2 browser to render it (given that Amaya
	and IE have different default styles for body {background-color}.

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