Re: links to form results: handling & in attributes

Irene VATTON wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> We're looking at the problem.
> We patched Expat because it omitted to transmit entities when they
> are located within attribute values.
> It seems the bug fix doesn't work in your case.

When you say that expat didn't transmit entities... do
you mean that it gives you the replacement text of
the entity rather than the entity reference? That's
not a bug; that's as designed. When parsing this document

	<aDoc attr="abc&amp;def"/>

I would expect an XML parser to just give me "abc&def"
as the attribute's value.

If you're trying to preserve markup like
then you're going to need something other than
a generic XML parser. I don't recommend that
you try to do that at all. Just deal with
attribute values as plain strings.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Friday, 23 March 2001 10:08:54 UTC