Amaya 4.3.1 is here

Some things were done well here (WIN 98 version)
1] Table cells don't inherit from parent in HTML attribute settings.
2] Document info is shaded input box to indicate focusable.
3] CSS Cascade allows author style to override browser setting.

One question I have though is whether ! important   clause
has been accomplished yet.  This will allow the users style
to override authors style when contrast is needed for enabling
 vision hindered reader.   I tested by placing a background color
 in Amaya.css with !important but no luck.  Is this a bug or 
just something not addressed yet  -- accessibility issue here.

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
Mystery readers may want to click on DOROTHYL

Received on Thursday, 15 March 2001 20:42:56 UTC