BUG Diereses and saving of these in XHTML document


I have recently upgraded to Amaya 4.2.1 and I think you did a good job,
concerning documents in English language.
I however work mostly in German language. When I load a document (XHTML
Strict), Amaya stops at the first dieresis with a parsing error. That has
good cause because the diereses are saved not XHTML - compliant as "ä"
and "ß" but as "" and "" because previous versions of Amaya did not
support this correctly.
So I ran the finishing script converting the diereses to XHTML compliance
and opened the document again, no errors.
But as I saved the document back with Amaya, Amaya converted all XHTML-style
diereses back to German standard notation. The next opening of the selfsame
document caused above errors.
This also applies to other symbols like the copyright (c) and (R).
I use Amaya under Win NT 4.0 SP6a, but this bug seriously hampers my
Are there possibilities to get back to an older version, like 3.2, the last
I was using? Could I fix it myself somehow?



Schwabach, Germany

Received on Thursday, 22 February 2001 03:22:31 UTC