Re: How to use attributes from custom namespaces

Vincent QUINT wrote:
> > We are working on a templating
> > mechanism,, to
> > allow dynamic generation of XHTML from source that has standard
> > XHTML elements and extra attributes to control dynamic generation.
> Amaya will allow you to do that, as soon as the generic XML support
> is available.  A new release is scheduled for early March, but the
> work won't be finished for that one. You'll have to wait for a later
> release.

Note that I don;t want Amaya to do the templating itself. I just
want it to  carry the extra attributes along. Does that effect
the timing?  Is there a way that I can help?  
> It involves extending Amaya.

I'm willing to try to do this myself, but I'd need some hints.

> That's in progress.


> Be patient.

I'll try. :)


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Received on Thursday, 15 February 2001 09:09:28 UTC