How to use attributes from custom namespaces


I'd like to use Amaya to edit XHTML source that includes extra
attributes from other namspaces.  We are working on a templating
mechanism,, to
allow dynamic generation of XHTML from source that has standard
XHTML elements and extra attributes to control dynamic generation.

I give Amaya source like:

 <html xmlns=""
    <title tal:insert="here/title">zpt demo folder</title>
    <h1 tal:insert="here/title">zpt demo folder</h1>

It complains about the tal:insert attributes, although it doesn't
mind the tal namespace declaration and even figures out that the prefix
'tal' goes with the namespace ''.

If I make any change to the source or save it, the tal attributes
and namespace declaration are removed. Is there a way to make Amaya
keep, but otherwise ignore the extra namespace?

If the answer involves extending Amaya, then I'll take my question
to www-amaya-dev. :)


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Received on Wednesday, 14 February 2001 20:05:20 UTC