Re: Bug report for release 2.4 on linux

This is a follow-up to a bug report from about a year ago. I finally
figured out the DNS issue I reported, and it was not Amaya's fault at all.
In fact, my name server set-up was incorrect. My server worked with libc5
based programs, but not with libc6 (=glibc2) based programs. As my system
was mainly libc5, but Amaya was one of the few libc6 applications, I
incorrectly suspected Amaya. By the way, the fix was very simply once
traced down. The file /etc/resolv.conf needed to get the line "nameserver" added.
Well, one loose end tied up!

> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 07:43:18 -0500 (EST)
> From: Uwe F Mayer <>
> To:
> Message-ID: <>
> Subject: Bug report for release 2.4 on linux
> When trying to load a page not on the local computer, I get an error:
> >  The requested URL could not be retrieved
> >  While trying to retrieve the URL:
> >  The following error was encountered:
> >  Connection Failed
> >  The system returned:
> >  (51)
> >  This means that:
> >  The remote site or server may be down or non-existant.
> >  Please try again soon.
> Two things about this:
> 1. I'd like to know why Amaya doesn't find that location, even as
> netscape does. This might not be a bug, but just incompetence on my
> side.
Uwe F. Mayer <>
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Received on Wednesday, 7 February 2001 12:32:12 UTC