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> Dear Sir or Madam:
> I just finished a document ( 
> using amaya to create it. Here are some comments I share with you about amaya:
>     * I like it very much. I plan to use it much in the future.
>     * I liked very much being able to see the source alongside the wysiwyg; 
> especially nice is the pointer showing in the source where the wysiwyg 
> cursor is.
>     * I have the editor set for non-adjustment of text in the editor and it 
> shows that way when browsing it from the Internet; however, when I print 
> it, it comes out adjusted at both margins. How does one change that?

By default Amaya prints with the css rule text-decoration: justify

>     * It would be very helpful if some colored small carets could be made 
> to delineate where structures begin and end. I constantly had troubles 
> adding to equations outside a fraction, sup, etc. It is difficult to tell 
> whether one is inside or outside a structure.

The structure view can help here: when you select in the structure view you
know exactly where you are.

>     * I had considerable trouble adding equations and text inside elements 
> of tables. Some times some extra test "searchable index..." mysterious 
> appeared, also. Some times the table got completely screwed up.

Yes we have to improve the editing within tables.

>     * When a table is at the end of a document, the only way I could figure 
> out how to add more info after the table was to go into the source view to 
> do it. I think the same is true if an equation is at the end.

A sequence of returns will provide a paragraph.

>     * I couldn't figure out how to get a space after an equation to 
> separate ordinary text from the previous equation.

Normally you can add a Control Space at the begging of the next text or you
can play with margins.

>     * It would be nice to have a MathML help/tutorial available in the 
> amaya help.

Certainly, but the team is very busy. It would be great if one provides a
first version of it.

>     * It would be nice to have frame support.

We don't plan to work on that.

> Thanks for all the fine work all of you have done!
> Yours, Dave Roper
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