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I have answered a few questions/comments, and left the rest for the Amaya
team <grin/>

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, L. David Roper wrote:

  Dear Sir or Madam:
  I just finished a document (
  using amaya to create it. Here are some comments I share with you about amaya:

      * It would be very helpful if some colored small carets could be made
  to delineate where structures begin and end. I constantly had troubles
  adding to equations outside a fraction, sup, etc. It is difficult to tell
  whether one is inside or outside a structure.

If you check the status bar at the bottom of the page it will tell you what
kind of structure you are in (e.g. html/body/table/tbody/tr/p or whatever)

      * When a table is at the end of a document, the only way I could figure
  out how to add more info after the table was to go into the source view to
  do it. I think the same is true if an equation is at the end.

Pressing the enter/return key cretes a new element. If you are in a table
cell it creates a new paragraph, and pressing it again creates a new cell (I
think). Pressing again creates a new column and again will eventually create
a new paragraph outside of the table. Note to that if you don't do this from
the end of the table (ie the bottom right cell ) you will end up splitting
the table into two.


Chaarles McCN

  Thanks for all the fine work all of you have done!

  Yours, Dave Roper

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