Amamya browser

I downloaded the the WinTEL package of the Amaya browser and installed in on a 
Windows 2000Pro platform. The installation went without a hitch. I have 
encountered two problems with the Amaya browser. As should be obvious from the 
problems, I have been unable to use the Amaya browser. 

First when I request the browser to consider as home the following URL:

file://machine {on LAN}/directory/subdirectory/file.html

the browser shows in the "Open" box the following:


with the taskbar showing "Finished!" and the window being solely a pattern of 
small square blue squares with intervening white lines/space.

Amaya is unique in this respect since Netscape 5, Netcrap 6, Internet Exploder 
5.5 and Opera 3.62/5.01 find the requested file and display it as a homepage.

Second, when I surf to a commercial site (typing "<ENTER>" for 
instance) there is a major problem with displaying the material. The window is 
the same sort of hatched pattern, but yellowish with no obvious content. However 
if I position the pointer within the active Amaya window and start either 
clicking with the mouse or using the mouse to delineate an area within the Amaya 
window, there is underlying content which becomes visible, respectively the 
character under the cursor or the material within the delineated area.

It does not matter whether I have the browser or the browser-editor 
configuration running for either problem to be encountered. The associated Help 
material has no information to address this. Is this something I can address 
through modification of some configuration file? Or is this the Amaya browser?

Brian Smith-White

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Received on Monday, 15 January 2001 03:48:26 UTC