RE: Frames, client side maps, URL guessing etc. (was: Amaya 4.2 .1 )

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> Perhaps Dave was thinking of the recently announced Recommendation of
> Basic in which:
1.3.6. Frames
Frames are not supported.
No.  I'm thinking of HTML 4.0.  They have never been supported
in the strict version, only in the stop gap version pending
better CSS support.  Unfortunately they are not tagged deprecated
in the narrative, and XHTML 1.0 contains a transitional version
that parallels the HMTL 4.0 transitional one.

Specifically, if you delete the HTML 4.0 Transitional DTD, no
document using frames will validate, as the frameset DTD simply
sets a flag and invokes the Transitional one.

This has been discussed on the www-html list.  One view is that
non-support of frames was so politically charged that its deprecation
was played down in the narrative.  Another view is that you can only
deprecate things that have been in the official standard and frames
never have.
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