Re: Tables and Screen reader question

Hi Lloyd, thanks for that Data.

(It is getting to be a pile of it - I'll put it on a Web page.)

Do you have a few minutes to answer some questions about Amaya (feel free to
ignore this if you're busy - I realise that I am simply asking you to spend

How easy/hard is it to read stuff using teh mouse pointer? And how do you go
about using the menus and buttons like that?

Can you read the structure view? (it might be difficult to know without
a visual check...)

I assume that the Table of Contents View, Links View, and Alternative
(text-only) View are more or less like reading the Formatted (default) View.

Do you get alternatives provided for images in the formatted view (the alt is
rendered instead in the alternative view...)


Charles McCN

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Lloyd G. Rasmussen wrote to the WAI Interest Group:

  I just reinstalled Amaya 4.21 yesterday.  I can reliably read the screens
  with the mouse pointer, but haven't yet found a way to get a cursor that
  Window-Eyes can recognize.  After I investigate the preferences a bit more,
  I'll ask that question on the Amaya list.

[and lots of other useful data about using screen readers with different

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