Re: SVG bug...

The file I created is at

(it is actually XHTML)

It loaded back in fine, but it did not size correctly - it did not interpret
the viewbox, and interpreted user coordinates in terms of pixels.

Anyway, the file now tries to explain what I did and what did and didn't


Charles McCN

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

  I created an HTML page, and added a graphic element.

  I included a rectangle, and over that two text elements, a circle and an
  ellipse. They were all given the default SVG style - so far, so good, all
  according to spec.

  I opened the structure view, and added some textto the text elements. I
  gave the circle and ellipse non-zero radii - I don't know if I had made a
  mistake or Amaya had - I couldn't see them when I was creating them, since
  they were black over the black rectangle. But still no problem.

  Then I added the following stylesheet in the structure view:

    text { fill: white ; stroke-width: 1 ; font-size: 1.5 em }
    rect { fill: yellow ; stroke: black ; stroke-width: 1 }

  and got a yellow rectangle, and white text. Still going well.

  Then I tried to make the sizes (which were in pixels) into user coordinates
  (i.e. no units) and add a viewbox. Still no problems.

  BUG 1:
  Then I tried to resize the SVG. The main element was resized, but the content
  didn't resize as they should have. (I tried using sizes measured in em, ex,
  and cm units).

  I tried to put a couple of elements in groups (editing the source), and when
  I synchronised the style sheet stopped working, and everything went black

  (I am not sure how style sheets are supposed to work with namespaces anyway,
  but this behaviour is inconsistent anyway.)

  BUG 3:
  Then I saved and tried to reload. Amaya crashed.

  (This was a local file. I will now restart Amaya and try to put it on the
  web, so I can give more information.)



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