RE: Accessibility of web pages

> From:	Charles McCathieNevile []
> The WAI Evaluation and Repair Tools group is looking at developing a
> metadata
> language that describes the accessibility status of web pages, including
> information about pages as a whole (for example is it valid) and
> information
To me, such a language description would only be useful when created by
a third party.  At the moment, first party creation would 
indicate someone who cared about accessibility and therefore
probably already had a site with good accessibility.  I can't
see commercial sites spending any effort at all on creating 
descriptions of their site, especially as it goes against the
principle that all marketing material must be in positive tersm.

First party rating under duress is likely to produce very 
liberal interpretations of anything subjective - how many RSACi
rated sites claim anything but s0, l0, n0, v0 (I concede that one or
two might actually bother to claim maximums on everything).
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