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On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

> The WAI Evaluation and Repair Tools group is looking at developing a metadata
> language that describes the accessibility status of web pages, including
> This is likely to be in XML, and probably in RDF. Is there any interest in
> using a language like this in Amaya - either in generating the information,
I'd welcome developments in this area.  If pages were accessible would
people have had to invent WML?  My concern is that metadata on the web
has already been abused (search engine stuffing) -- are people going to 
generate false calaims of accessibility?  If the page source is a 
necessary and sufficient input to determine accessibility, what is gained
by having metadata?  Or is this for use in search engines for ranking
pages, for example, where you don't want to go through the source of
each page every time, and standards would assist in realistic evaluation
of pages?

As for Amaya -- I'd like to see more support for existing
accessibility features such as "accesskey" -- which I'm not sure if I'm
using correctly.  I've not tried the latest version yet though, I admit.
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