Re: How to download Amaya


> Ah!  Now I understand.  We live in different worlds.  I myself would
> not have thought of different terms.

I figured someone would say something like that. If I were a programmer,
I'm sure "precompiled binary" would make perfect sense to me. But I'm not.
I'm just a regular Web page builder, who happened to hear that Amaya
supposedly supports a good deal of HTML 4.0. That's what captured my
interest in the program.

> Amaya is not strictly a browser, btw.  It's an more an editor that 
> happens to be able to function in a browser-like capacity.

You are most definitely correct. BTW, is it just me, or does Amaya display
graphics as if they were uploaded in ASCII format? Or does Amaya just
support the 216 browser-safe color palette?


Received on Tuesday, 23 June 1998 15:26:52 UTC