Re: How to download Amaya

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> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:07:29 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: Re: How to download Amaya
>    >     Amaya 1.2a beta public release is now available in *source code* and
>    >     *precompiled binary* forms.
>    Well, I didn't associated "precompiled binary" with "download this 
>    browser".
> Ah!  Now I understand.  We live in different worlds.  ...
> Amaya people:  <> makes a good point.  People
> like me (and, obviously, people like your webmaster) provide one
> audience; you may want to provide text that is meaningful to a second
> audience as well.  ...

Not that I *mean* to be rude, but...

One would rather expect that the Amaya developers are quite busy
enough, don't you agree?  And given that Amaya is clearly "advertised"
to be an experimental project with which to "play around" and develop
new Web technologies and techniques, don't you think that maybe it's
not too awful much to expect that folks who download it are at least
marginally aware of the terms used in computer technology?  This is not
meant to be a slam against either you or the person to whom you
responded, but more a reminder of what Amaya is purported to be.  At
least the last time I looked.

Amaya is not strictly a browser, btw.  It's an more an editor that 
happens to be able to function in a browser-like capacity.

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