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> I've found that it would be very desirable to have a delete column
> command for tables; trying to find the non-empty cell can be quite chalenging,
> or emptying all cells in a column is likewise boring.  This is an
> enhancement request, rather than a bug report.

When you delete a cell, if the column includes only empty cells, the column is
automatically deleted. This is exactly what you want to do with a "delete 

> I've also found that Amaya's display of tables with almost empty columns on the
> right edge is buggy. The layout  if the table does not naturally fit on the
> page has columns (including non-empty columns) off the edge of the screen.
> This can make it a real challenge to try to find and delete the offending 
> extra cells that are forcing the table to have unwanted columns. This 
> is more than slightly annoying, making it very hard to make progress (I 
> eventually got my window wide enough to succeed at a layout which included 
> the offending columns, but this was very hard...).

Amaya only adds a new column when you add a new cell in a row. If your table 
empty columns it's because you have created them before.
Please pay attention when you're editing a table: a return create a new cell 
and you have
to use the -> key to move to the next empty cell.
I agree that in this particular case it would be useful to have an horizontal 
scroll to
delete extra columns.


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