Various problems...

The structure view does not refresh properly even after clicking in the
view; it has to be closed and reopened for the structure view to be useful.
This is after adding another row to a table, and sometimes at other times.

I still don't understand how I can cut and paste bold or hyperlinks and
have them preserved except by using the structure view (which works fine).
Is there some way to do so from the WYSIWYG view?

I can't type into a textbox in a form. Which makes it hard to be a good 
jigedit citizen...  Right now, I can't use Amaya with Jigedit forms...

Save-as copies images by default; I think this default is backwards from
what is "correct"; making extra copies of images should be something
you have to go out of your way to do.

If you have two tables, back to back, with nothing between them, I seem
unable to get an insertion point between them to, for example, add a paragraph
so I can put stuff between them.

When working on a table, the table often gets formatted with the right 
hand edge off the screen, but the horizontal scroll bar does not let you 
get to the columns off the edge of the screen.  Sometimes stopping and 
restarting amaya refreshes the formatting such that everything gets formatted 
on the screen properly again. Sometimes it seems related to having a <p></p> 
pair in the final table element after the last text, and deleting this 
manually in an editor fixes this.  This can be quite painful.
				- Jim

Received on Tuesday, 19 May 1998 16:45:59 UTC