Re: Several amaya problems...

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> Digital UNIX 4.0D.  Amaya 1.2a.
> 1) When I cut and paste, I'd like Amaya to preserve the structure of what I'm
> cutting and pasting...
> So, for example, I copy some bold face text, but amaya does not preserve
> the bold face attributes.

That depends on your current selection. If you just select the text Amaya 
preserve the bold, but if you select the enclosing element (SPAN or B element) 
bold should be preserved.

> Similarly, if I copy some text containing a hyperlink, I'd like the hyperlink
> copied as well.

What copy function did you use?
one uses the Thot buffer (Key: Ctrl c or entry in the menu Edit)
another uses the X buffer (Key: Copy)
The first one copies the link element, but the second one copy only the text.

> 2) Often the structure view does not show the text of the structure as 
> I'm editing.  I have to close the structure view and reopen the structure 
> view to get a corrected view of the document structure.

Yes some updates are differed. You have to finish the insertion (by a clic, a 
menu call, etc.)
to see the updating in other views. That is not a bug, it's a feature to 
optimize reaction to
each inserted character.


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