Re: Amaya problems on DEC Alpha/Linux

> I said, a linux machine, not OSF. The autoconf page instructs
> me to create a subdirectory called obj (not osf1), cd to it, and run
> configure, and that's what I did.

  The object directory name doesn't matter.
Ok, I don't understand why 

 $(MAKE) CC="$(CC)" CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" proto ;

chokes on your setup, it seems valid to me ...
Concerning the second and more annoying problem with kaffe, the
autoconf stuff tend to build the java support using kaffe which
in turn doesn't seems to work well on Linux/Alpha.

I suggest using the non java distribution of Amaya [1] and use:
  ../configure --disable-java 

to for the compilation process to use the libwww http implementation
instead of using the Java engine. 
I a second step, if running without Java engine really hurts you,
then trying to debug kaffe-0.9.2 on the linux/alpha platform seems the
only choice and in that case I suggest looking at the kaffe mailing-list
archive [2] to find references of this problem, if any,




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