Amaya and Windows 95 -- same problem as Marianna Rozenfeld, Apr. 8

I'm having the same problem as Marianna described to the list on April
8; I installed Amaya 1.2 on my Windows 95 machine, and I get an
hourglass and then nothing every time I double-click the icon.

I tried the solution Ramzi suggested with the HOME environment variable,
but it didn't change anything.  Can someone give me further advice?  I
have checked the archives frequently to see if anyone else (including
Marianna) has had this problem, but I haven't seen it.  What is unique
about my machine?  I would appreciate any advice, esp. from the people
who have solved this problem on their machines. Thanks!!

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Received on Tuesday, 28 April 1998 16:18:41 UTC