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> > hello.
> > i use amaya 1.2a version.
> > but it has many problem.
> > i describe some of them.
> > one is that accessing speed for internet is very slow.
> This concerns the http implementation. Amaya uses the libwww http 1.1
> implementation.
> I think that the access speed depends on the server protocol level.
> Do you know if this occurs with a specific server or if is it slow with all
> servers?

The HTTP/1.1 implementation is unlikely to be an issue; we don't believe
there is any circumstance underwhich it should be slower than HTTP/1.0, and
is generally faster.  For some operations, HTTP/1.1 is very much faster
than HTTP/1.0, and the libwww implementation is quite speedy (dunno the
state of the Java implementation sometimes used).

One way to see the effects of the protocol is to look a different servers,
one that runs using 1.0 and one that uses 1.1; you'll generally see a speedup
when talking to 1.1 servers.  This is certainly the experience we're
seeing from the Arena implementation that is being updated to 1.1.
				- Jim

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