horizontal scrollbar not working well


in both the formatted and the structure views, the horizontal scrollbar
doesn't seem to work properly.

In the formatted view, whenever a <pre> element has text wider than the 
window width, the elevator in the horizontal scrollbar is not shrunk in 
the appropriate proportion to reflect the width of the window relative 
to the width of the document, and it is not possible to scroll to the 
right margin.

Similarly, in the structure view, whenever an element contains more text 
than can fit in the window, the end of the text of the element is hidden
behind the vertical scrollbar and cannot be made visible by scrolling
horizontally to the right. Also, the size of the elevator in the scrollbar 
doesn't reflect the relative width of the window compared to the text.

This happens in Amaya 1.2a precompiled for both Solaris and Win95.


Bertrand Ibrahim.
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Received on Wednesday, 22 April 1998 12:27:49 UTC