Re: On Win95 fonts are displayed extremely small

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> <> said:
> > How to modify text size with Amaya:
> >
> > first edit a paragraph, then click within the paragraph and hit 
> > escape key (this allows to select it). Use the Style/Character Style 
> > Menu and modify what you want  (size font, ...).
> Actually, what is currently missing with the Win95 version of Amaya is
> the abitity to specify a "User's preferences" style sheet, like in the
> current Unix version. When that feature gets implemented in Win95, it 
> will be possible to adjust the way Web pages get displayed by editing 
> the "user's preferences" style sheet.

This feature is available for Windows version since 1.2a release.
As explained in the entry "Configurating" in the menu "Help", the Windows
"User's preferences" style sheet should be located at Thot\amaya\amaya.css

For example, you can automatically magnify Web pages by creating this file 
with the following rule:

BODY { magnification : 2 }


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