Re: On Win95 fonts are displayed extremely small

You can size the text with Amaya this is not a problem. However,
the Amaya home page is well displayed with Amaya and in right way.

How to modify text size with Amaya:

first edit a paragraph, then click within the paragraph and hit
escape key (this allows to select it).
Use the Style/Character Style Menu and modify what you want 
(size font, ...).

You can create a CSS rule on the paragraph tag and all your
paragraphs will be displayed in the same way than the modified

To create the CSS rule, select again the paragraph you've modified
and use the menu Style/Create Rule then confirm.


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>Are you in denial?  Netscape, Opera, and Communicator all display at the
>correct size, but Amaya displays text small.  Don't reply, "They're all
>wrong, Amaya is the only one that displays web pages the right way."
>Attached is image of Netscape, Opera, and Amaya window.
>And it doesn't matter which web page it is.  Amaya needs a text sizing
>option, whether you like it or not.

Received on Friday, 17 April 1998 04:11:34 UTC