installation of Beta1.2a on Windows95 - help needed.

amaya.exe exits immediately after starting without producing any
windows or error messages.

I downloaded amaya-1_2a.exe file (1.908.227 bytes) without any error
messages during the download on Apr 4, 18:17.

I installed it without any error messages on the default directory.
I'm trying to start the file

c:\Program Files\Thot\Windows\bin\amaya.exe
which is 2.033.152 bytes modified on March 27, 1998 at 10.23.18AM

and it does not start. There is no error messages, cursor turns to
hourglass for a fraction of a second and that is all.
I tried it on two different computers with the same effect.

This is my first try with amaya and it is possible that I need some
environment on my computer but I was not able to find any hints in the
Amaya Web site and archive. Sorry.

Grateful for any help,

Marianna Rozenfeld, Software Developer,
EPGY, Stanford University

Received on Wednesday, 8 April 1998 14:16:04 UTC