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Palette MathML

From: frederic07wang <frederic07wang@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 16:57:51 +0200
Message-ID: <44F84A6F.40206@aol.com>
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org

    Thank you for detailing the steps, it permitted me to see clearer. I 
also think it's better to start completing the palette : it takes time 
but isn't something too difficult, even for someone who doesn't know the 
whole organisation of Amaya like me. Moreover if we adopt a pratice 
point of view, this panel can appear more important for the Amaya users 
than new MathML tags support. I will make the next part of my plan 
latter when I know Amaya source better because it is more complex and 
very linked to the implementation of Mathml content tags.
    Anyways, I can't compilate Amaya for the moment as I haven't got 
packages of developpement libraries and I can't directly connect to 
internet in order to download and install it. I hope I will be able to 
send my modifications in one or two weeks when this problem is solved 
and when I have installed CVS and xrced. By the way, I suppose the 
latter will allow me to make separated sections in the panel.
    I have already starded to make new 16x16 icons files and updated the 
old pictures for uniformity. I use black (#000000) for writing, red 
(#ff0000) for boxes and I save the png files as 16 colors pictures. This 
makes sizes files smaller (between 100 and 2OO bytes) but the main 
interest is having clear pictures (I mean "pas floues"). Here are the 
new icons I add for the moment : MATHML_abs, MATHML_complexcartesian, 
MATHML_complexpolar, MATHML_intdomain, MATHML_interunder, 
MATHML_intundefined, MATHML_lim, MATHML_limtendsto, MATHML_powerset, 
MATHML_produnder, MATHML_produnderover, MATHML_sumunder, MATHML_tendsto, 
MATHML_tendstotendsto, MATHML_unionunder. Maybe all names aren't enough 
explicit for you to guess the constructions but anyway I will send the 
pictures when I have CVS installed on my computer. About the 
construction "matrix", note that it corresponds in fact to <mtable> so 
my opinion is that it have to be rename "table" to avoid confusions with 
true matrix (ie with parenthesis). I also would like to know if it is 
possible to have greater icons than 16x16, because some complex 
constructions may lack of place.
    I looked to the files you mentionned and I believe I just have to 
complete some lists to declare the new constructions, except for 
Panel_MathML.xrc (althought It can be manually edited) and Mathedit.c. 
About this one, passing only the "construct" argument to 
CreateMathConstruct and then writing code for each cases seems to be an 
inconvenient if there is a lot of constructions. For the moment, only 
integral and sum are particulary but new constructions are likely to be 
of the same type so it would be a shame to always copy/paste the code 
for each one. So, I think about setting a more general scheme latter.

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