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From: winfried szukalski <szukw000@students.uni-mainz.de>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 22:48:04 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <20030424034449.GA21049@localhost>


I have just compiled amaya-7.2 .

I have added a simple blue table here:
<head><title>a table test</title></head>

<table align=left bgcolor=blue width=200 border=1 cellspacing=10 cellpadding=0>
<td bgcolor=yellow rowspan=2 height=300>
what now?
<td bgcolor="light green" colspan=2>

<td bgcolor=pink colspan=2>



Now I would like to point to the following document:

HTML 4.01 Specification

11.3 Table formatting by visual user agents
  11.3.2 Horizontal and vertical alignment

   valign = top|middle|bottom|baseline [CI]
          This attribute specifies the vertical position of data within a
          cell. Possible values:

          + top: Cell data is flush with the top of the cell.
          + middle: Cell data is centered vertically within the cell.
            This is the default value.
          + bottom: Cell data is flush with the bottom of the cell.
          + baseline: All cells in the same row as a cell whose valign ...

Now I would like to ask:

   Why does Amaya use 'valign=top' as the default value?
   Why does Amaya double the cellspacing at the top of the table?

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