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Re: Panic: buffer overflow

From: John Russell <ve3ll@rac.ca>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:48:18 -0500
To: john.darrington@ot.com.au
CC: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <3A6FE852.27603.3ADA1C@localhost>
it means that the page is just too busy trying to place objects
for Amaya to resolve the rendering.  There is also heavy scripting
which Amaya doesn't do.

I noted that MSIE 5.5 on a cable hookup here in Niagara Canada
CANNOT load all the components of the page.  It indicates 21 
components and folds at about item 12.
Attempts to 'save as' hangs my computer.

Netscape 6 does not give a progress report (saves time but less
useful as a debugging browser) but terminates with dreadful 
screen presentation.

If you have any feedback capabilities to the designer, have him/her
look at the page from a web site that is modem connected or at
least not 'in house'.  It is patently obvious that this was not done.
Also have him check with netscape 6 and 4  as well as msie 5
(all off premises mind you) to see effect for average client.

I suspect if it is cleaned up for modem guys and those who are
offshore, it will also fit the constraints of Amaya.

On 25 Jan 2001, at 13:21, John Darrington wrote:

> I recently found that one of my local government depts. had revamped
> their web site, soI decided to check it out with Amaya 4.2.1.
> It seems to have discovered an amaya problem:
> Most of hte pages have no parse errors, however some show:
> *** Errors in
> http://www.fairtrading.wa.gov.au/charities/links/index.shtml temp
> file: /home/users/johnd/.amaya/1/index.shtml   line 68, char 66:
> Panic: buffer overflow
> What does this mean??   

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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