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two sample files to test on

From: John Russell <ve3ll@rac.ca>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 19:36:55 -0400
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
CC: VE3LL@rac.ca
Message-ID: <399EE1D7.2132.2545917@localhost>
This document points at my two test files that illustrate errors
occuring in the binary distributions of the latest Amaya version.
If you run a CVS version, see if they have been fixed yet!

Some areas that are still causing problems within Amaya 3.2.1
(August 19, 2000) from my viewpoint [Windows 98 BINARY):

Initialization or Startup Sequence
I1] The toolbar with the STOP icon should be displayed and enabled
    earlier in the startup sequence.  At present, if one has a startup
    or home page on the internet and there is a service problem, there
    are situations where the display hangs up searching for a site but
    with no STOP or 'breakout' method available.
    TEST: by removing cable connection and starting browser with home
    page on the internet.

Table Display -- http://www.cgocable.net/~jrussel/am_table.htm
T1] Table borders are thin lines which can be covered up by the
    cell contents.
T2] If a table has no height= attribute, the height is computed
    by the browser. If a table declares height=   then ????
    Most browsers will check 'set' value against needed and use
    the maximum of the two.
    Amaya uses the height setting to be consistent with the img
    height attribute which normally scales image to the speced height
    but this leaves problems if speced is less than needed TEXT.
    If there is no specification on how to handle this conflict,
    it would be easy enough to err in favor of the user by:
a] setting height to default value
b] resetting height if height= attribute used
c] computing what is needed to prevent outside of border material
   (this routine is already there for no height speced)
d] comparing needed to height 
e] using the maximum of the two values  NEEDED and HEIGHT
    This routine would work whether or not height was speced.  
    and would prevent out of box messages in most cases!
    TEST: by using sample file amdemo3.htm provided by mail.
T3] Text does not always respect cell boundaries.
T4] Tables become confused if stacked more than two levels down.
    TEST: by viewing 'http://www.bahnhof.se/~chimbis/tocb/links'
    where text is printed outside their associated box.
T5] Errors in mathematics during table construction that are editor
    detectable, should be flagged to user.

Other Display Problems -- http://www.cgocable.net/~jrussel/am_dsply.htm
D1] When lists are included in blocks that are centered, the
    list bullet is not centered but the text is.
D2] When FONT element is used, its block takes a white background
    instead of the current background color or image. 
D3] Horizontal rules have a hook on the left edge. Either the rule
    isn't being drawn to the correct thickness or first character
    isn't in correct proportion to rest of rule.
D4] The default img size is too small. This results in unnecesary
    screen redraws on common screens like 'http://www.w3.org/History'
    which uses icons on each line that is a file.  
D5] Images are not floated correctly although this is part of
    HTML 4.0 specification.
D6] MathML rendering is incomplete for some idioms. The ellipse and
    the overhead vector symbol are rendered as question marks.

Scrolling Problems
S1] The move one page up/down scroll selection may not be adapting
    to screen size.  This is most noticable in the Show Source
    window.  For 800x600 main window, this results in jumps that do
    not retain one line of last screen (for continuity) and even
    more extreme, for 640x480 main window, lines are skipped entirely
    when paging action selected.  Algorithm must take into account
    the number of lines displayed! I didnt check horizontal scroll
    but this may have similar problem.
S2] After scrolling to bottom of document, scrolling up to top
    overscrolls on many docs.  Examples of this are 
    'http://www.cgocable.net/~jrussel/netacces.htm' and
    And scrolling down overscrolls on some documents such as
    This is with a jpg image background that doesn't go completely
    to the top or bottom of screen.
S3] The scroll bars can't be pulled to the very bottom or right edge.
    No information is lost but this is untidy.

Multi-key Compose Function
M1] Creating a soft hyphen adds a &173; to the document which
    will not pass some validators.  Should use &shy; instead.

D1] Standard shortcut nomenclature should be used in menus.
    For example Alt + P  instead of Alt p    and
    Ctrl + Enter  instead of Ctrl Return

Address Dialog
A1] Currently  www.w3.org  will not get a page from the web
    but \temp\foobar.htm will get one from local drive.
    Either the default mode should be switched around so that
    http: is assumed (to coincide with other browsers) or that
    the service MUST BE declared (which is Amaya like solution).

Color Selection
C1] Many color-picker selected colors do not look like the ones
    displayed in the picker swatches. This is 256 color mode related!!

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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