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From: David C. Ullrich <ullrich@math.okstate.edu>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 14:52:02 -0500
Message-ID: <38ECEAE2.159808BE@math.okstate.edu>
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
    Newbie disclaimers: Apologies if this is the wrong
address or the wrong question or [insert whatever
apology is appropriate here.] I _think_ the question
belongs on the "dev" list instead of "users" - if there
was a "wimpy dev" list I'd send it there:

    Does there exist a thing that would allow someone to
easily display MathML in a Windows application? I'm
new to all this stuff, but I don't see anything like what
I have in mind on the MathML resource lists I've seen.

    Like there could be a dll with a GetMathRect and
a MathOut function analogous to the Windows
GetTextExtent and TextOut - you pass a Windows
device context and some MathML to GetMathExtent
and it tells you how much space you need, while
MathOut actually draws the equation on the DC.
(Of course that's not _exactly_ how it would work.)
    Or it could be a (shudder) ActiveX control or a
Delphi VCL, (heh-heh) or something.

    Given that we can get Amaya binaries for free,
we can get the source for free, we're encouraged
to modify the source if we feel like it, etc, seems
like something like this would not violate any
policies. It would be very convenient for someone
who just wants to display MathML in his own
application without getting into all the things that
Amaya does. (And surely(???) it wouldn't be much
trouble for someone who was familiar with the
Amaya source, just extract a few lines and
compile them into a dll. Heh-heh.)

    If there are things like this out there please
advise. I haven't found anything except (commercial)
Java components and Amaya, neither of which
helps me display MathML in my Delphi stuff.
If someone feels like making something like
this my vote would be just a few functions
in a dll - this would be easy to use and usuable
in a wide range of applications (if I had a dll
that drew MathML on a Windows device
context I'd be happy to wrap it into a Delphi
component, for example.)

[repeat newbie disclaimers as appropriate],

David C. Ullrich
Received on Thursday, 6 April 2000 15:55:03 UTC

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