[aapi] UAI TF Meeting Agenda Tue Sep 2 2014 -- REMINDER

Agenda: Tue Sep 02, 2014

Re-sending the agenda for today, since yesterday was a holiday. Note 
that a lot of the actions have recently changed to "due" or "overdue", 
making for an ambitious agenda.

Time of meeting is 3:00 PM EDT, 12:00 Noon PDT, 20:00 UTC, duration is 1 

agenda: this
agenda+ ISSUE-514/ACTION-1504: (All) Review edits to 
aria-readonly="true" in state/property table, when inherited by gridcell 
agenda+ ACTION-1396: (Cynthia) MSAA+UIAExpress mapping of grid role.
agenda+ ACTION-980: (David) Define mappings for managed aria related states.
agenda+ ISSUE-671/ACTION-1492: (David) Mapping of aria-invalid should be 
as tokens, not as strings. (see: 
agenda+ ACTION-1104: (Cynthia) UIA mapping for aria-describedby when 
referenced accessible is non-existant (see: 
agenda+ ACTION-1311: (Joseph) Clarify that presentation role should 
preserve separation of nodes within tables/lists.
agenda+ ACTION-1372: (Cynthia) Create a test case, if there is none, to 
test the rowgroup role.
agenda+ ACTION-1373: (Cynthia) Create a test case for when aria-posinset 
and aria-setsize are provided explicitly on some but not all elements.
agenda+ ACTION-1409: (Joanie) Progress on ATK API for position, level, etc.
agenda+ ACTION-1445: (Cynthia) Investigate the ideal uai mapping for 
role presentation in tables and lists
agenda+ ISSUE-674/ISSUE-522/ACTION-1471: (Cynthia, Joseph) Name computation.
agenda+ Processing issues/actions:
agenda+ be done.

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