Re: [aapi] UAI TF Meeting Agenda Wed Aug 20 2014 -- CHANGE DAY FOR THIS WEEK

Sorry for the late notice, but in an attempt to get better attendance, 
the day of the meeting is tomorrow -- Wed Aug 20.  This change is only 
for this week; we will meet at the regular Tues slot next week.

Agenda: Wed Aug 20 2014

Time of meeting is 3:00 PM EDT, 12:00 Noon PDT, 20:00 UTC, duration is 1 

agenda: this
agenda+ (Cynthia) Name computation.
agenda+ News: ISSUE-657/ACTION-1498: (All) New role="term" to associate 
with role="definition".
agenda+ ACTION-1199: (All) Browsers SHOULD throw errors for missing 
required attributes.
agenda+ ACTION-1396 (All) Role grid maps to table role in AAPIs; need to 
also convey it is an interactive grid.
agenda+ ISSUE-514/ACTION-1341: (All) Spec says that aria-required is 
propagated to descendants in grid/treegrid.  Verbiage needed in Core-AAM?
agenda+ ACTION-1409: (Joanie) Progress on ATK API for position, level, etc.
agneda+ ACTION-1457: (Cynthia) Ask Michael to create 1.1. test harness 
(move date?).
agenda+ Processing issues/actions:
agenda+ be done.

Dial the Zakim bridge using either PSTN or SIP:
PSTN: +1.617.761.6200  (U.S. number)

Passcode: 2274# ("AAPI")

IRC:, port: 6665
Channel: #aapi

Minutes from last meeting:


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