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Hi Alex,

Alexander Surkov wrote wrote:

> Firefox text equiv computation algorithm is different from ARIA spec
> algorithm (here:
> and actually it sounds like it differed forever (see first draft

FWIW, I found a similar clause in the first draft in the W3C repository:

 > If the current node is hidden and not currently pointed to directly 
by an
 > aria-labelledby or aria-describedby used in this text equivalent 
 > then, skip the node.

The log says that the document was copied from Mozilla's developer site:

Yes, it appears that FF's implementation differed from the spec from the 
start.  It suggests that it differed from Mozilla's own documentation.

> 1) "Skip hidden elements unless the author specifies to use them via
> an aria-labelledby or aria-describedby being used in the current
> computation."
> Firefox doesn't skip any hidden elements IDRefed by attributes used in
> text equivalent calculation. For example, the spec requires to left
> name blank for input element in following case:
> <label style="display:none" for="input">label</label><input id="input"/>

Interesting.  Maybe <label> imply an aria-labelledby since the <input> 
element is labelled by the <label> element.  Perhaps it is a special 
case?  For example, what does FF do when there are no label-like 
elements nor attributes with respect to a hidden element (the innerSpan 
in the following):

<div id="label">label <span style="display:none" id="innerSpan">this 
text shouldn't be part of the label</span></div>
<input id="input" aria-labelledby='label'/>

Is the accName "label"? Or is it "label this text shouldn't be part of 
the label"?  Actually I cheated and looked*, and it's just "label".  In 
this case, the hidden element was skipped.  In fact, when the 
'display:none' style is removed from innerSpan, the accName becomes 
"label  this text shouldn't be part of the label".

Actually, when I checked your example (<label style="display:none" 
for="input">label</label><input id="input"/>), the input had no accName, 
implying that the hidden <label> was skipped.  Perhaps I'm doing 
something wrong?  The test file I used is:

* using FF 11 and viewed with Accerciser.


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