Re: Drop longdesc, get aria-describedat?

Judy Brewer, Fri, 09 Mar 2012 22:19:47 -0500:
>> Hence, I hope that PF will provide us with at least a hint of when
>> work on 'the feature' as 'an ARIA attribute' will start, so that we,
>> e.g. in the poll [if it can't be added to the CP], can offer answers
>> to Sam's questions[1], and thus argue as credible as possible for
>> why the life of 'the HTML attribute' should be extended.
> The PFWG and ARIA Task Force have just come off of a heavy set of 
> meetings with a full agenda. I don't know if they worked on a 
> timeline but I believe they may have done some brainstorming on 
> design. I think Janina has an update queued up to send to the x-tech 
> list after a server issue gets sorted out.

Thanks. And very glad to hear this. With this info on the current 
status, I shall consider the thread closed.
Leif H Silli

Received on Saturday, 10 March 2012 10:45:56 UTC