Re: Drop longdesc, get aria-describedat?

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Judy Brewer <> wrote:
> I suggest you come to an HTML A11Y meeting for discussion; the next one is
> scheduled for March 15th, due to other accessibility meetings and
> conferences this week; or better yet to the text alternatives sub-team
> meeting (next one should be March 13th and I am happy to put this on the
> agenda) where we had been exploring this specific category of issues in more
> depth. Also, please note that there has been heavy discussion around many
> approaches on this already, and the multiple delays by the HTML WG on
> processing the longdesc change proposal may at this point themselves be
> contributing to the confusion regarding alternative solutions on this
> question. The TF-supported change proposal on longdesc is still overdue for
> a fair hearing; getting another change proposal considered ahead of that
> would be bad process.

Independent of what happens with @longdesc, it seems obvious to me
that describedAt needs to be developed as an ARIA attribute and thus
the a11y TF doesn't seem to be the right place to develop it. Would
you agree?

> As for a community group approach, note that that does nothing to actually
> standardize anything, only to explore an issue. Creating a community group
> for aria-describedat outside of the people who've been working most directly
> on developing ARIA, and already thinking about aria-describedat in some
> depth, could slow rather than speed things up, or at best not materially
> change the timeline.

Fair enough. So maybe it's time to develop a spec for
@aria-describedAt and submit it to PF/WAI for consideration?


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