RE: ARIA semantics for secondary navigation

Many thanks for the quick answer. 

Suppose we have the following:

Date/Time: [ ] [ ]

Where [ ] means an INPUT type=text and "Date/Time:" is a label element.

Should the second [ ] been labeled with 

1) aria-label = "Time" OR @title = "Time" 
2) aria-label = "Time" AND @title = "Time"
3) neither aria-label nor @title because semantics are clear from label
4) How should be the first [ ] labeled? 
	a) Using @for like in HTML4 and associate Label element
	b) Using similar approach of 1) - 3) replacing "Time" with
	c) Put a <div> container around [ ] [ ] and 
		a. label div with "Date/Time:" using aria-labelledby
		b. label the [ ] individually as described above

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> I want to ask an heretic question:
> Who says that a text node referenced by "aria-labelledby" MUST/SHALL/ 
> TO be visible?

No one, but there isn't much point in using aria-labelledby if you're  
gonna hide the label. In that case, it'd be easier to use aria-label  
or @title.

 From the spec:
If the label text is visible on screen, authors SHOULD use aria- 
labelledby and SHOULD NOT use aria-label. Use aria-label only if the  
interface is such that it is not possible to have a visible label on  
the screen.

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