Re: ARIA semantics for secondary navigation

On Mon, 18 May 2009 23:23:00 +0200, Victor Tsaran <> wrote:

>> I thought there was a way to name landmarks already: using one of the
>> <h1>-<h6> elements.

> Do you mean by embeding landmarks inside headings?

No, by placing a heading in the landmark.

   <div role="navigation">
    <h2>main menu</h2>

I looked briefly at the ARIA spec and didn't find anything about this, so I was probably wrong. However, I think it's the logical thing to use and it would be nice if the association would just work.

(In HTML5, the <nav> element creates a section, and the outline algorithm will associate an <hgroup> or <h1>-<h6> element with the section, if there is one.)

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