Re: Using HTML form controls and links (Success Criterion 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value))

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>Hi Rich, Michael,
>absolutely NORMATIVE regarding 
>Criterion 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value)?

None of the techniques is normative. Developers are always allowed to 
use other techniques that meet the success criteria.

>For instance, do I violate WCAG 2.0 when I decide NOT to use a 
><select> statement for a combo in my application,
>and choose instead an input with an associated button and ARIA-Markup?
>  With other words, is applied ARIA an 1:1 alternative to 
> <>

The above technique is just an HTML technique; it does not assume WAI-ARIA.
If you don't use a select element but something else combined with 
WAI-ARIA markup, that construct can only pass WCAG 2.0 if it can be 
shown that it is accessibility supported
in the human language of the content. If that condition is not 
fulfilled, the construct can never meet SC 4.1.2.
The note to SC 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value) says: "This success 
criterion is primarily for Web authors who develop or script their 
own user interface components. For example, standard HTML controls 
already meet this success criterion when used according to specification."
If you create your own user interface components, you end up at 
situation D in "Understanding SC 4.1.2" 
which has one general technique:

Does that help?

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>Anything else will lead to BIG discussions. This is a serious question.
>I think industry wants questions like these covered and clarified 
>because you can easily derive legal implications from this.
>In case you are NOT the right persons to ask: Who will that be?
>Also, it would help if in the ARIA spec a respective clarification 
>could be added.
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