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Just picking nits and seeing if I understand you.

For something that is visually rendered as a set of tabs, set its role 
to "tablist" and its multiselectable property to "false".

For something that is rendered like Sun's accordion example, set its 
role to "tablist" and its multiselectable property to "true".

In these two cases, a screen reader has sufficient information to speak 
"tabpanel" in the first case, and "accordion" in the second.

> The GWT example should behave like the Dojo tabpanel (single select). 
As it happens, dojo's *accordion*, whose role is marked as "tablist", is 
single select.  Presumably, its multiselectable property should be 
"false".  A screen reader would speak "tabpanel" for a dojo accordion.  
In a work environment with blind and sighted users, it might be jarring 
to the sighted user to hear "tabpanel", when it obviously looks like an 

Describing a single-select accordion as a "tablist" is not decidely 
wrong, though.  Perhaps the sighted user will just have to get used to it.


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