Re: Correctly mapping role="search"

Algorithm == good --- mandatory --- at this early stage == asking
for disaster.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis writes:
 > T.V Raman wrote:
 > > In general all landmark roles should be allowed to appear
 > > multiple times. Unclear that we can even insist uniqueness for
 > > role=main --- especially given that content tends to get
 > > aggregated --- so something that started off as role=main on a
 > > Web site  when used in a gadget is unlikely to be the one and
 > > only role=main on the containing page.
 > I think if more than one role="main" is allowed, there needs to be a 
 > mandatory algorithm for determining to what ancestor the landmarked 
 > region stands in a "main" relationship.
 > Just for example:
 > 1. First try to assign the relationship to the first ancestor with 
 > role="application" or role="document" (or native equivalents).
 > 2. If no such ancestor exist, assign to the root element.
 > 3. If the found ancestor already has an assigned element with 
 > role="main" (or native equivalent), flag this second role="main" as an 
 > error.
 > With this algorithm in place, you could create a user interface for 
 > users to move to the main area of their current context, rather than 
 > just the next main area in the page.
 > In your gadget example, the gadget's role="main" would be defined as 
 > relative to the role="application" enclosing the gadget.
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 > Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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Received on Wednesday, 8 October 2008 13:23:01 UTC