multiple roles in a single document (was Re: Correctly mapping role="search")

Also, labeling the searchbox as a search-field is not a
substitute for role=search --- or vice-versa --- role=search for
instance might be used to provide a nav key that moves you
through the various search tools on a page.

Gregory J. Rosmaita writes:
 > aloha!
 > in the case of multiple search functions in a document instance, 
 > one would use the "lebelledby" ARIA property to distinguish 
 > "search form 1" from "search form 2" and so on, so that the user has 
 > a choice of available search interfaces:
 >  * "Search Mozilla Accessibility space:"
 >  * "Keyword Search for dev-accessibility mailing list archive"
 > etc.  -- the generic roles defined in the XHTML Role Module and 
 > reused in ARIA are just that -- generic -- it is up to the author
 > to correctly label each and every instance of a repeat role, just
 > as it is the author's responsibility to label each and every item
 > assigned a role (and, in ultra-good-practice, those that aren't)
 > as for repeated search functions with IDENTICAL purposes, the user 
 > should have the option of suppressing multiple instances of
 > role="search" labelledby="foo"
 > or having them each listed in a list of roles or a list of 
 > targetroles -- the important thing is labelling, and consistent 
 > labelling of identical items with identical labels (such as the 
 > case in which an identical search interface appears at the top 
 > of the document's order as well as at the end...
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